Web Publishing

Why choose us to work on your web site?

Size Doesn’t Matter

We’ve got experience building and running everything from simple sites for local businesses to large-scale international sites with hundreds of pages and millions of visitors.

Experienced and Up-to-date

We’ve been building websites since the ’90s, but haven’t been standing still when it comes to the technologies involved. We specialize in hand-coded HTML5 that will look good, load fast, and work properly on anything from an iPad to grandma’s crusty old PC.


If you want to target the iPhone and Android crowd, we can do a custom version of your site that will feel right at home on a tiny screen.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ll make sure your site has all the reasonable tweaks necessary to improve your chance of showing up when somebody searches for what you have to offer in Google or Bing.

What we won’t do is resort to SEO snake oil or the sleazy schemes that “optimization” companies will try to tell you are worth your time (or your soul). Just the tried, true, and honest basics.

We Speak Non-Geek

If you don’t know your way around the web, and don’t really know what you need, no problem—we specialize in making complex technologies simple to understand without talking down to you. We also won’t tell you to look the other way while we do what’s best for you and charge you lots for it—we’ll clearly explain what we’re doing and what it will cost you before we start.

Of course, if you do know your way around web technology, we’ll be happy to rail off plenty of buzzwords—HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, progressive enhancement, graceful degradation, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and more.

Honest Service

We’re not going to lie to you and tell you we’re perfect for every job, but there’s a good chance we can do what you’re looking for, whatever it is—contact us if you want to find out.