Alternate World Publishing is a personal-scale publisher for your large-scale dreams:

  • Ebook publishing (Kindle, iBooks, ePub)
  • Website design, development, and hosting
  • Japanese-English Translation

Based in Arcata, Humboldt County, California, with ties stretching from the Land of the Rising Sun to the Rockies, we’re ready to work on everything from publishing your personal ebook to building your business a professional-grade, multi-lingual website for a global audience.

Why Choose Us?

We’re going to listen to your needs and nit-pick all the details necessary to make your dreams—and your business—into something real at a reasonable price.

We’re a little local operation just getting started, but we have global-scale web publishing experience back into the ‘90s. If we can’t do it ourselves, there’s a good chance we know who to bring on board to make it happen.

Give us a call if you’re in Humboldt County and looking to get your dreams published.

And, if you’re on the other side of the globe, the world is a small place—see what we can do for you.