About Us

Alternate World Publishing consists of the husband-and-wife team Marc and Akemi Marshall. Marc has been building websites professionally for years, and when we decided to self-publish some writing in eBook format, we decided it’d be fun to offer the service to others, and it made sense to combine both book and web publishing under one small-business banner.

Being created at the end of 2011, we don’t have much of a history or portfolio yet, but we do have plenty of experience.

We live and work in Arcata, Humboldt County, California. Of course, the world is a small place even if you don’t.

Marc Marshall

An all-around technology expert and spare-time writer, Marc has been building web sites since the mid-’90s. In addition to a variety of professional sites, he is the primary writer for and only developer of a large video review website that’s been in operation since 1998 and sees over a million visitors annually.

Marc finds HTML and CSS specs entertaining, and has experience with a wide range of behind-the-scenes web technologies. He also has a keen interest in making things usable for the human in front of the screen, so always considers the user before the technology.

His “day job” is a control systems programmer, engineer, and IT person for an alternative energy research laboratory.

Marc is also a competent Japanese speaker. In his spare time he writes fiction and video reviews, edits the writing of other reviewers, and enjoys landscape and food photography.

Akemi Marshall

A Japanese native, Akemi has translated advertising materials, websites, communication, and subtitles both to and from English and Japanese.