Japanese/English Translation

Translators are a dime-a-dozen online, so why us? We have the advantage of a fully bilingual, bi-national husband-wife team.

That means for the price of a single translator, you get a native speaker of both languages with the decades of cultural background necessary to understand nuances that even a skilled solo translator can miss. And you’re guaranteed full native-quality writing—no clumsy grammar or awkward turns-of-phrase (unless, of course, the original material is awkward and you want an honest translation).

We’re also obsessive about accuracy, because when you’re bilingual, there’s nothing more annoying than reading a subtitle and knowing that it’s wrong.

If your translation needs are more specialized than what we can offer in-house, there’s a good chance we know people we trust to get the job done right. And if we don’t, we’ll tell you up front that we’re not the team you want.

Oh, and if you’re looking to get something subtitled, we can handle the entire process—translation, writing, timing, proofing, even video encoding.

While we’re building a portfolio, you get the advantage of extra-low prices—starting at $0.10 per English word or $0.07 per Japanese character in the source material. More complex jobs can cost up to twice as much, but we’ll tell you the pricing up front so you’ll know exactly what it’s going to cost and can shop around before you spend a penny.

If we sound like people you’d like to work with, contact us and see if we’re the right ones to get your material bilingual.