eBook Publishing

With the right software or the help of a budget online service, anybody can get their work published for e-readers like the Kindle and iPad. So why should you pay us to do it for you?

Hands-on Quality

We’re not just going to run your Word document through an automated converter. We’re going to go through your publication with real human eyes and hand-tweak it to make sure everything looks as good as it can on the various e-readers. You won’t find any glitchy text, “dumb” quotes, or funky formatting in our ebooks—we wouldn’t stand for it.

Complex Formatting

We understand the nuts and bolts of the various formats, so if you’ve got something that’s more than just blocks of text, we’ll be able to work with it to get it looking the best it can on your readers’ devices.

We Understand You

We care, because we’re writers, too. Full disclosure: This whole business got started because Marc wanted to do some self-publishing, and the only person he trusted to be geeky and obsessive enough to do it right was himself.

We’re-New-To-This Pricing

We’re just getting started with eBooks (then again, who isn’t?), which is good for your wallet—until we’ve got some titles to brag about, we’re offering unsettlingly low rates for our e-publishing services.

If we sound like a team you’d like to work with, contact us and find out what we can do for you, and what it’ll cost you.